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How to Fix a Garage Door when it Becomes Detached

Garage doors coming off it’s tracks can cause serious damage to the door and it should stop operating immediately. A garage technician will be necessary to put the garage door back in its place on the tracks.

garage door off track

Door panels being straightened or replace is not an uncommon practice if this were to happen. It’s also possible to reattach the door yourself. Simply pop the garage door rollers back on the track before any damage has occurred. These steps should also help you do it yourself in the process.

Things You Will Need


Removing debris from the track helps, along with lubricating the garage door rollers with silicone spray. This will extend the life of the garage door tracks.

The bolts that secure the garage door track should be secured. Make sure the bolts holding the sections of the door are together.

Garage door tracks are usually straight up or down, sometimes even plumb. Use a carpenter’s level to check and adjust if necessary. You can also adjust it by loosening the supporting brackets slightly, adjusting the track and retightening brackets.


The bottom bracket should not be altered or adjusted because of its connection to the spring system that is in charge of operating the door. Loosening this can cause serious bodily harm.

If you are not sure what to do near the bottom of the track, contact a professional.